Wolfe Tones Retain Victorian League 2010

Wolfe Tones 0 - 14 Sinn Fein 2 - 06 (After Extra Time)

2011 League Champions

Wolfe Tones retained the Victorian League Title in an exciting Final at Gaelic Park. In difficult heavy and windy conditions, both teams struggled to hit their mark. The scores were just 2 points  each at the main break, with Sinn Fein failing to make the most of their wind advantage. Sinn Fein looked to be in command in the second half notching up a 3 point advantage, but the Tones fired back with 4 unanswered points to take the lead with just a minute on the clock. In a pulsating final minute, Sinn Fein got the equalizer and were pushing for the winner when the full-time whistle sounded. The sides were locked at 6 points each at full time.

In the 1st half of extra time the Tones notched up 4 unsnswered points an looked to be in control when Sinn Fein scored a goal in the dying seconds of the 1/2. Almost from the restart Sinn Fein were awarded a penalty which they duely converted to take a 2 point lead.  Wolfe Tones responded however, again scoring 4 points in succession to take out the match.